Roberta J. Mason-Gamer
Molecular Systematics of Plants

Department of Biological Sciences, University of Illinois at Chicago


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About the Lab
Lab Links - databases, data analysis, protocols

About the Lab

We are in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Current projects address phylogeny, polyploid evolution, and genetic diversity within and among populations. We use molecular data using both traditional and next-generation sequencing methods to study evolutionary questions, and are equipped for techniques commonly used in phylogenetic and population biology analyses. (Visit the People in the Lab for details on specific projects.)


Triticeae Primers Used in the Lab
---Nuclear granule-bound starch synthase I gene (GBSSI, waxy)
---Chloroplast rpoA gene
---Chloroplast trnT–trnF region
---Nuclear phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase gene
---Nuclear beta-amylase gene

Databases and Data Analysis
---NCBI's Entrez Nucleotide Database
---NIH's BLAST Search page
---The Protein Data Bank - Biological Macromolecules in 3D
---Joe Felsenstein's Phylogeny Programs page
---RNA/DNA Folding Applications from The Bioinformatics Center at Rensselaer and Wadsworth

General Resources Including Protocols
---The Bio-Web - Resources for cell and molecular biologists  

Mac Links
---MacInTouch - "The Original Mac News and Information Site since 1994"
---The Mac Observer - Mac News
---MacSurfer - News, Reviews, Links
---Macworld - "The Mac Product Experts"
---CNET Downloads - Downloads and Updates for Mac software

Local Links
---Department of Biological Sciences
---University of Illinois-Chicago

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