Rosie - Spring 2008

These pictures, showing one of my favorite members of the UIC community, were taken by Isabel Caballero, a Ph.D. student studying patterns of genetic diversity among peregrines. Isabel also provided the information below the pictures.


Rosie - April 2008
Rosie and Male

Rosie (standing) with male - April 2008
They are showing a pair-bonding behavior called "billing," in which they touch the tips of their bills together and make sounds.
Rosie with Eggs

Rosie with her four eggs - April 2008
The last-laid egg, in front, is noticeably lighter than the other three.  This has been observed before in peregrine falcon nests, and the reason behind it is not clear.
Four Chicks

The four chicks - May 2008
Four Chicks

The four chicks - May 2008
Feeding Chicks

Rosie providing food for her babies - May 2008. 
Here, Rosie is carrying an American goldfinch. When given the opportunity, peregrine falcons appear to favor colorful birds over pigeons.

Thanks, Isabel!

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