Red Sox and Cubs at Wrigley Field, June 11, 2005

My first time seeing Wrigley Field - it's almost as nice as Fenway.  We are high up, but it is a nice shady spot with a cool breeze. 

The old scoreboard at a moment when the Red Sox were still ahead.  Final: Cubs 7, Red Sox 6.  The Yankees went on to win their game against St. Louis, 5-0.

Rooftop seats on the surrounding buildings.

Hmmm - can the Cubs capitalize on our success in this way?

Miller ended up with the loss...

...but he did contribute two hits.

An on-field conference.

Big Carlos Zambrano started. (Wellemeyer got the win).

Not the result we were hoping for.  (Look at all of the red in the stands - a huge turnout of Red Sox fans.)

Johnny O'Hagan's - a friendly oasis right in Wrigleyville.

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